Vedrenne Syrups Watermelon Syrup 1Lt

Vedrenne Syrups

Vedrenne Syrups Watermelon Syrup 1Lt

Vedrenne Syrups Watermelon Syrup 1Lt

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Facts to Ponder

Vedrenne syrups are a high-quality French product made from natural ingredients such as berry or fruit juices obtained by direct pressing and filtered water free of contaminants. This manufacturing process allows you to keep all of the natural product's value and benefits. Wedren goods have a wide range of flavors and a wide range of gastronomic horizons. Syrups' sugar content not only allows them to be utilized in cocktails, coffee, pastries, and sweets, but also gives them a lengthy shelf life when stored properly.

Mirabelle Vedrenne - a delicate, agreeable syrup with luscious mirabelle plum notes. Its strong fruit component adds depth and richness to the taste. The syrup goes nicely with desserts and pastries and can be used in a variety of ways soft drink base, as well as ingredients for alcoholic cocktails and coffee topping.

Joseph Vedrenne founded the Vedrenne liquor business in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Côte d'Or, Burgundy, at the turn of the twentieth century, one of the top wine-producing regions in France. The Vedrenne plant has established itself as a manufacturer of the best syrups made from the best fruits in France since its inception. This allowed Vedrenne to expand its exports over time, and the company now exports to more than 50 nations. Wedrenne is now regarded as one of the top three French producers of high-end cocktail and fruit liqueurs with a deep color, natural, rich flavor, and aroma. These characteristics allow Vedrenne liqueurs to be used in a variety of ways, including drinks, cooking, and desserts.

Notes on Taste

The syrup is a light golden tint with amber highlights that is generally transparent.


The syrup has a delectable sweetness to it, with hints of juicy plum and ripe fruit.


The syrup's intense scent shows vivid fruity overtones, with luscious plum notes standing out.


Desserts, pastries, and ice cream can all benefit from the addition of syrup, as well as coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Vedrenne Syrups
Size 1000ml
Type Mixers
Category Syrup
Country France
Barcode 3376370152616
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