About Us

Barrel & Batch is the home of those seeking quality drinks. We carefully select the finest offerings from the distillery and cellar door, brought to you via an online platform that is your trusted partner in exceptional drinking experiences. 

We source hard-to-find, limited edition, old and rare and international imports, alongside everyday drinkers with a premium focus. A selection of fine wine, quality whisky and everything in between. We’re independent to the core and champion producers big and small.

The Barrel & Batch team have years of experience in sourcing the finer liquid with an industry team of experts, tasting and curating some of Australia’s most exciting alcohol offerings. 

Our whisky offering is arguably the best in the nation. Through our network and personal connections, we offer you access to limited releases, rare and exclusive bottles from across the globe. Single Barrels, Single Casks or Exclusive Batches bottled for you from the world’s most respected distilleries. With an aim to constantly seek the exciting and new. 

Our wine selection is a highly curated list, built from years of industry experience. We feature the best of Australian vineyards, with iconic varietals from key wine destinations both locally and internationally across a range of price points. No fluff, no filler - just exceptional picks at any price.

Wrap it up in an easy to navigate website and app, back it with convenient and fast delivery, add loyalty and rewards and you have a single destination for premium wine, whisky and spirits. Raise your glass to better drinking!