That's The Spirit

Neat, on the rocks, or as part of your favourite cocktail. Tried and tested or surprise yourself. You'll find exclusive, rare and imported spirits to keep your bar cart the talk of the town!

Make it a Margarita

This party classic is at home wherever there are great friends, great food and great music.

Don't worry if you prefer yours blended, on the rocks or served up - make it your own and make it a double.

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Make it an Old Fashioned

For generations the Old Fashioned has been drawn to late nights in dark bars.

This is the original cocktail. Can you get more classic than that?

Whiskey shines with just enough of a sweet edge to see them go down a little too quickly.

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Make it a Martini

Whether its dry or dirty, shaken or stirred, this classic cocktail is the perfect aperitif.

We'll keep it traditional here, but feel free to substitute vodka if thats what you prefer. Just promise you'll serve it strained and icy cold.

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