Seagrams VO Blended Canadian Whisky 1lt
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Seagram's VO Blended Canadian Whisky 1L

Seagram's VO Blended Canadian Whisky 1L

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A nose like light caramel corn, with a hint of biscuit dryness and a smidgen of cinnamon sugar. Light in the mouth, sweet and a bit spicy, with some cinnamon heat toward the end. There is a bit of a roar right in the middle, where the grainy sweetness catches fire briefly, but mostly this is fairly meek stuff. Made for mixing, no real flaws.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Seagrams
Size 1000ml
Alcohol Content 15.0%
Type Spirits
Category Whisky
Style Blended Malt Whisky
Country Canada
Region Quebec
Barcode 0-87000-00736-9
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