Picon Amer Aperitif 1Lt
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Picon Amer Aperitif 1L

Picon Amer Aperitif 1L

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A much desired cocktail ingredient but generally hard to find is Picon Amer, with distribution for a long time limited to France. Despite being produced since 1837, making it a bar standard in early cocktail guides, it remains elusive outside of Europe. The proprietary recipe has no doubt changed slightly over the years, as has the ABV. However, orange remains the dominant flavour. Quinine, cinchona and gentian are also known ingredients (not surprising as "Amer" translates to "bitter".)

Product Specifications

Brand Name Picon
Size 1000ml
Alcohol Content 21.0%
Type Spirits
Category Aperitif
Country Belgium
Region Belgium
Barcode 5010103234993
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