Ohmine Junmai 3 Grain Sake 720ml


Ohmine Junmai 3 Grain Sake 720ml

Ohmine Junmai 3 Grain Sake 720ml

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The whole brewing process is done by hands of professional technicians, using the sophisticated additive-free method to lower the alcohol content down to 14%, which is a concentration that is much lower than any other kind of sake.

Ohmine Junmai 3grain is silky smooth with a touch of sweetness of peach and mango like a ripe tropical fruits. Finish is soft and delicate with a medium sweetness and very light, clean acidity.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Ohmine
Size 720ml
Alcohol Content 14.5%
Type Spirits
Category Sake
Style Sake
Country Japan
Region Kyoto
Barcode 6-80580-00000-5
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