Delirium Tremens 330ml
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Delirium Tremens 330ml

Delirium Tremens 330ml

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The particular character and the unique taste of "Delirium Tremens" result from the use of three different kinds of yeast. Delirium Tremens is the Latin word for “trembling madness” and it's very original packing, which resembles cologne ceramics, and the colourful pink elephant logo has contributed to its success.

In 1997 Delirium Tremens was nominated for "best beer in the world". A gold medal during the "world beer championships" in Chicago (1998) confirmed that worldwide recognition.

In 2017, it was awarded a bronze medal at the World Beer Awards for the category of “World’s Best Belgian Style Strong”. In the same year, it was awarded a Four Star beer award at the Beer Awards 2017/18 for the category of Strong Pale Ale.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Delirium
Size 330ml
Alcohol Content 8.4%
Type Beer
Category Classic Beer
Style Belgian Ale
Country Belgium
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