Choya Yume Wine 750ml
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Choya Yume Wine 750ml

Choya Yume Wine 750ml

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Choya Yume Wine is a is a flavoursome new take on the traditional Japanese Plum wine popular around the world. Consisting of a secret blend of Choya's signature Ume juice extracted from 100% Japanese grown Ume fruits, pure Japanese grape wine and balanced sugar. It has a clean, smooth & light bodied sweet flavour that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes sweet white wine such as Moscato or light Muscat's or Tokay's. Ideally served as an apertif or after a meal.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Choya
Size 750ml
Alcohol Content 8.9%
Type Spirits
Category Sake
Style Sake
Country Japan
Region Kyoto
Barcode 7-81682-11493-2
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