Bombay Sapphire Star Of Bombay Gin 1Lt
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Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire Star Of Bombay Gin 1Lt

Bombay Sapphire Star Of Bombay Gin 1Lt

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Star of Bombay London Dry Gin was initially introduced to the global travel retail market in 2015 and has since expanded its availability worldwide. However, it is currently not accessible in the United States. This gin incorporates the same fundamental ten botanicals as Bombay Sapphire but distinguishes itself by utilizing different variations of coriander, angelica, and three distinct types of juniper berries. To enhance the recipe, bergamot and ambrette seed are also included. The gin takes its name from the renowned Star of Bombay, a 182-carat sapphire originating from Sri Lanka. This precious gem was gifted to the late silent film star, Mary Pickford, by her second husband, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Upon her passing in 1979, Pickford bequeathed the jewel to the Smithsonian, where it currently resides within the National Museum of Natural History.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Bombay Sapphire
Size 1000ml
Alcohol Content 47.5%
Type Spirits
Category Gin
Style London Dry Gin
Country United Kingdom
Barcode 5010677360098
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