World Whisky Month

We at Barrel & Batch are celebrating the finer liquid in a month-long lead up to World Whisky Day on 18 May. Join us as week-by-week we focus on the countries, the distilleries, and the expressions that feature as storied legends or bold pioneers in the rich tapestry of global whisky. We treat you to exclusive product releases, tastings, events and some very special offers in a month-long whisky immersion.

Week 4: American Whiskey

Week 4 finishes in the deep heart of the U S of A - with a celebration of all things American whiskey. Be it bourbon or rye, Tennessee, Kentucky or Utah, we're exploring those exports that are always met with excitement down under.


Week 3: Scotch Whisky

Week 3 heads to the reputed birth place of the dram itself - Scotland. Join us in an odyssey through the Scottish moors and highlands to uncover the iconic releases that make Scotland synonymous with whisky.


Barrel & Batch Highland Park Single Cask Release

Our third release from the Highland Park distillery, nestled among the Scottish islands.

A spirited 10-year-old true to the ethos of Barrel & Batch bottlings —abundant in flavour, rich in palette.

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Week 2: Independent Bottlers

In week 2, we will celebrate those with a generous allocation of spirit - in more ways than one - that are blending and bottling drams of note. Learn more about the craft of bottling, and the mavericks behind the distillery door.


Week 1: Australian Whisky

We kick off with an exploration of our wide brown land. Seven of Australia's most exciting distilleries are featured, and further showcased with each providing a taster of a remarkable dram in our exclusive Barrel & Batch Anzac Day Celebration Set.