Irrewarra Pinot Noir 2022 750ml


Irrewarra Pinot Noir 2022 750ml

Irrewarra Pinot Noir 2022 750ml

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The Irrewarra Pinot Noir from Nick Farr (By Farr) is yet another example of his winemaking prowess, with fruit-driven power and incredible structure.

The fruit comes from a dry-grown (ie. unirrigated) plot planted in 2001 by the Calvert family, which can now be considered mature. The climate is quite different to the other vineyards used in the By Farr range, with lots of rainfall and free-draining soils. The grapes live alongside the cows but it looks like they don't realise how yummy they are (particularly after fermentation).

Red cherries, fresh, sweet and sour, are joined by some cinnamon spice, musk and earth in this cracking wine, which is silky, bright and very easy to polish off in one sitting.

Product Specifications

Brand Name Irrewarra
Size 750ml
Type Wine
Category Red Wine
Style Pinot Noir
Wine Body Light
Country Australia
Region Geelong
Barcode 100136671111111
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